“You don’t have to forgive him”

A student could not believe his mother interfered with a job prospect.

The student posted what happened on Reddit‘s “Am I the A ******?“the forum. They applied for a summer job in another country. When they didn’t hear from the job, they assumed they didn’t get it. But after that the student did talked with their father, they knew their mom had done something horrible.

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“So I applied for the job of my dreams (a summer job for next year) a few weeks ago, I had the interview and it went pretty well”, a- he declared. Explain. “The only catch is that the work is in Australia, which is quite a distance away. My parents don’t want me to move because they’re afraid they’ll never see me again. I am also the glue that holds the family together, so when I leave the family might have a hard time.

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“After not hearing from them, I assumed I didn’t get the job and, though disappointed, decided to move on and focus on college. I called my father a few days ago, and we talked about jobs, and I told him how I quit work, to which he said, “But you have the job, don’t you?”

It took the student a while to figure out what had happened, but eventually they got to the bottom of it.

“I sat there in confused silence for a while before he told me they called last week and my mom spoke to them,” he said. Reddit attach noted. “Then she apparently told my father that I had decided not to take the job. I didn’t say anything to my dad and hung up a few minutes later to call my mom.

“Very angry, I confronted her and she admitted that she turned down the offer on my behalf because she didn’t want me to leave. She then said that I couldn’t care so much about the job. because I had recovered from not getting it. I completely exploded against her, and we haven’t spoken since. My father asked me to contact her, because he thinks he is time to forgive him, but I’m still very angry.

The editors felt the mother had crossed a line in refusing work.

“Even though your mom didn’t want you to leave, what she did was extremely selfish and toxic,” one user said. wrote.

“You don’t have to forgive her, and she doesn’t deserve to be forgiven,” said another noted.

“It was not his choice to do”, someone commented.

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