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Earlier this week, RL Winston announced two new rod models ahead of this year’s International Fly Tackle Dealers (IFTD) show in Orlando, Florida. New offerings from Winston include its new PURE “light line” series and a saltwater-focused version of its popular AIR rods, which debuted at IFTD in 2016.

The Winston PURE Rod is a new dry fly specialist from a company already known for their soft, moderate action rods which are often preferred by dry fly fishing enthusiasts. The release of the PURE may be a welcome sequel to last year’s release of the fast-acting Kairos rod which sent more than a few Winston fans into a baseless panic that the brand had decided to abandon its roots.

Winston describes the PURE as “moderate action rods [that] feature a fast recovery that allows open loops for a fine presentation of the dry fly, as well as the ability to generate a faster line speed for different conditions. Or, as they say, they built the PURE “for those who prefer to fish with a light touch”.

The PURE Series is built using the Boron III material advertised by Winston and is available in weights 2-5 for a retail price of $ 850.

This year, Winston is also making its debut with a saltwater version of its popular AIR series, which Winston released a few years ago. By marrying Winston’s Boron III material with his SuperSilica resin system that debuted with the original AIR models, Winston has created a rod that he says offers “the famous ‘Winston feel’, as well as recovery rates. balanced and fast graphite, for incredible line speed and presentation. ”

SALTWATER AIR is finished in a new matte “Winston Green” to reduce rod flash and increase stealth when stalking flats. Winston also highlights the use of smaller guides on the saltwater AIR, which he says allows for greater control throughout the casting and presentation.

winston AIR saltwater fly rod

Saltwater AIR is available in rod weights 6 through 12. All models retail for $ 975.

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