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Do you really need the most expensive fishing rod for every technique? Professional bass fisherman Justin Lucas says no! Justin provides an honest and insightful breakdown on when an affordable cane (under $ 100) can do the job. Conversely, he explains, pushing your budget a little will help you catch more fish. For an initial basis of comparison you get a lighter and more sensitive rod the more money you spend.


Surface bait:
● Abu Garcia Vendetta throwing rod, 7’4 ″ MedHvy, Moderate
● Abu Garcia REVO MGX casting reel

Mobile baits:
● Abu Garcia Veritas casting rod, 7’3 “Heavy
● Abu Garcia REVO STX Gen 4 casting reel

Bottom contact bait:
● Abu Garcia Fantasista Premier throwing rod, 7 ′ MedHvy
● Abu Garcia REVO MGX casting reel

Lucas selects the rods according to the chosen technique. There are 2 categories, 1) mobile baits like crankbaits, spinnerbaits, blade jigs or topwaters, and 2) bottom contact baits – think jigs, Texas rigs, drop shots, Neko or shaky head platforms. With mobile baits, the bites are usually aggressive, so you don’t gain much by using an expensive, super sensitive rod. However, with bottom techniques, a sensitive rod telegraphs details like bottom composition and helps you detect subtle and delicate bites much more effectively.

At the end of the day, we all have a limited budget and fishing doesn’t have to cost a fortune. These tips provide good guidance on how to spend your hard earned money.

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