The SoBros Mailbag # 180: Book Adaptations, Goth Types & Winter Soups

Let’s face it – every day we are regularly bombarded with questions. When you’re an emerging media company in Nashville, people just want to know your take on everything. It’s only natural. And, since our duty is to serve the people, well, we have no choice but to be present. This is the SoBro way. Plus, aren’t mailbags a barrel of laughs anyway? Welcome to this slut’s newest weekly recurring feature: the SoBros Mailbag. As always, ask us these @SoBrosNetwork mailbag questions on Twitter, email them to me anonymously at [email protected] And, damn it, I have to update this terrible introductory paragraph that I’ve been using literally since I started writing this column …



He hasn’t done it yet, but he’s doing his best. Part of me thinks he’s too big to try to climb it, but I could definitely be wrong because this cat continues to surprise me. The other day I heard a terrible click of metal so I ran to the top of our stairs and looked into our living room. Our tree is man-made – the type that has stems for the limbs that you click into place in the “trunk” of the tree. Obviously, he had untied one of the limbs and knocked it to the ground. So… it happens. My only hope at this point is that he will be bored and not even try again.



You’re going to love that answer, Steven, but I always thought Peter Jackson did a FANTASTIC job in bringing the the Lord of the Rings saga on the big screen. To date, these are some of my favorite movies to date, book adaptation or whatever. I would certainly add There is no country for old people and Fight Club in consideration too. If we count the comic book adaptations, I would add Logan to conversation too. What a fucking “brother hold” I realize as I type that out loud.

Question, from E on Instagram:

If you were a goth, what gender would you be and what would the name of your club be?


So, I tried taking online quizzes to help me with that, E, and that was a bunch of bullshit. The first result I got was “You are not a goth. You are just normal. Then I decided to take the AP“ what kind of goth are you? ”Quiz and got“ Cybergoth ”. I’m not linking to this one, but because their website is littered with ads, the quiz itself was bombarded with a video ad every 30 seconds and it’s just fucking unreal. Who designed this shit? Fuck them. Sorry – I’m on a tangent. Anyway, I wasn’t feeling good about it, so I just did my own research (please don’t call me a vax denarius) and I think I land somewhere on the Gothic / Romantic / Victorian spectrum – I love lace. I love old things. And, I feel a deep appreciation for a traditional feeling of pain and sadness in the art I consume.

The concept of a club name came up with a few friends not too long ago, and what I’m about to say may shock some of you… I’ve never had one. I always just gave people my real name and dealt with the fucking consequences. But if I had to find one, I would go with Lance Ravin. Lance is my middle name, and ‘Ravin’ is a play about Poe… because traditional goth and all that. Hope this helps you!

Thank you,

Question, from Dom by SMS:

One for the bale bag – what are your 5 best winter soups?


Okay, so if we exclude chili from this list, I’ll start with my old man’s beef stew recipe, although I don’t think he ever had any recipes per se. He would just throw a bunch of really good shit in a pot and boil it. A good second place would be my family’s vegetable soup recipe. Then I’m going to cheat a bit and go with the Steam Boys Beef Flank Noodle Soup – I’ve been sick for about six of the last eight weeks of 2019… I could barely get up from the couch. And, I was ordering Steam Boys delivery every other day, it was like. I swear this stuff had healing properties. To finish in the top five, I go to French Onion Soup and Chicken Noodle Soup (THE quintessential winter soup) in fourth and fifth places.

Keep asking questions – see you next week!

Stoney Keeley is the editor of the SoBros network and a connoisseur of Dogs Playing Poker on Velvet. He is a strong supporter of the GSD team, #BeBetter and “Minds right, ass tight”. “Big Natural” covers the Titans of Tennessee, Nashville, Yankee Candle and a whole host of nonsense. Follow on Twitter @StoneyKeeley

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