The different types of Indian bikers

I recently read an article about a Belgian study conducted with a sample of 3,000 bikers aged 16 and over to identify the eight types of bikers that exist. The results were intriguing and hilarious. According to the British Motorcyclists Federation (BMF), this study makes it possible to identify the different types of motorcyclists that exist in Belgium and also to study their behaviour. They identified eight types: the time optimizer, the “time for me” seeker, the hardcore user, the good vibes seeker, the “I want it all” driver, the multimodal driver, the everyday driver and the experienced rider of a lifetime.

I will link the source article below for you to read the detailed breakdown of each type. That said, this study made me wonder, we are not very different from these Belgians. In fact, we all know someone who fits each type, and they even add their own unique outlook to it. So, over the next four Sundays, I will choose two guys from above and give them an Indian version. This week, let’s start with the “me time” seeker and hardcore user.

The seeker of “time for me”

I love this group, most of my friends now fall into this category. Basically, they are bikers looking for motorcycles to relax after a heavy week of diligent work and family duties. These weekend warriors love that holidays overlap with weekends. Such luxuries invite the obligatory multi-day commute to places like Goa, as a beer by the beach strikes differently.

They will often express how, in college, they used to hit the road as if every day of the week was Sunday, but now they prefer Saturday because Sunday is usually reserved for “other commitments”. Riding is as important a ritual as that first cup of coffee without which normal functioning seems to lack the right kick. The breakfast on these rides is usually the best and allows for the weekly upload of what happened. They are great people to ride with to explore short and scenic riding locations around your city.

The unconditional user

Come rain or shine, morning or evening, these are the guys who will ride flawlessly. Wet boots and uncomfortable feet won’t shake their conviction, in fact these bike evangelists will say it’s the right way to go. I know there are exceptions to every rule, but a majority like this are usually always late to every encounter. They are usually wrapped for all four seasons from head to toe and almost everything is double wrapped in enough plastic to smother an entire school of fish. But it keeps things dry, Ishan!

Why I like to ride this kind, especially on long rides, is because I’m lazy. And those guys always over-prepared. From a candy bar to a key you thought you’d never need, you’ll find it on these guys ALL THE TIME! They have strong personalities and are generally very well-researched, so conversations are informative and the ride is always pure. They bring incredible flavor to any riding group they may join.

Next week we’ll be looking at the “Good Vibes Seeker” and the “I Want It All” pilot. Tell us about your friends and their quirky riding habits in the comments below. See also the Belgian research on the eight types of motorcyclists.

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