Terraria: the best fishing rods

Fishing is a timeless activity of Terraria. The early-game potential to get your hands on some powerful loot is well worth it, with the ability to pick up some serious gear like the Reaver Shark, Rockfish, and Frog Leg. These are some of the best pre-Hardmode items you can get.

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There are eleven fishing rods in the game, ranging from your simple wooden rod (because every fisherman has to start somewhere) to the fisherman’s golden rod. This goldenrod is worth it if you can handle the fisherman’s bad attitude.

Reinforced fishing rod

reinforced fishing rod terrariums

Yes, we jumped right over the wooden fishing rod. You better fish (do you understand?) The reinforced fishing rod for very early fishing. It is easy to make and has 15 percent fishing power. You won’t get completely insane loot, but if you want to start those fishing quests early, you can craft it as well.

  • 8 iron or lead bars, made on an anvil

Fisher Of Souls Vs The Fleshcatcher

soul catcher terrarium

These fishing rods are made with Crimson or Corruption bars. The Fleshcatcher is slightly better than the Fisher of Souls, so if you have a Crimson world you have a little edge.

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Both rods are made with 8 of their respective bars, Crimtane or Demonite. The Fleshcatcher has 22% fishing power, while the Fisher of Souls has 20%. It is worth making these rods if you have any bars left after your armor has been laid.

  • 8 Crimtane or Demonite bars, crafted on an anvil

The Scarab Fishing Rod – Only found in the Oasis

beetle fishing rod terrariums

This is a fairly rare cane, as it can only be found in the Oasis mini-biome on both desktop and mobile versions of Terraria. It has not yet been added to the console, although with the upcoming 1.4 update for the Terraria console, it should appear soon. The cane appears in the Mirage and Oasis crates.

It has 30% fishing power on desktop and 25% on mobile (we also don’t know why they’re different), which makes it better than the Fisher of Souls and Fleshcatcher by a small margin.

  • Found in the Oasis biome, Mirage and Oasis chests

Mechanic’s Staff

mechanical rod terrariums

The Mechanic’s Rod is the next major upgrade to the Corruption, Crimson, and Oasis Rods. It has 35% fishing power on the desktop and a bit lower at 30% on all other platforms.

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The rod is only available from the Mechanic NPC (found in the dungeon after defeating Skeletron) for 20 gold. It can only be purchased after the fisherman lives in your village or when the moon is at a certain stage.

  • Purchased from the Mechanic NPC for 20 gold

Seated Duck Fishing Rod – The Traveling Merchant

ducks sitting fishing rod terrariums

The Sitting Duck Fishing Rod, a cute play on words with Sitting Bull, is a very rare drop from the traveling merchant. It is only available after defeating Skeletron, and even then your merchant is not guaranteed to have this item.

We haven’t seen it very often, so it’s always worth checking to see if your street vendor has one in stock. You can’t get a better Fishing Rod in Terraria unless you complete the Fisherman’s Quests. Sitting Duck’s fishing rod is also very good. It has 40 percent fishing power, making it the third best fishing rod in the game.

  • A very rare item from the traveling merchant bought for 35 gold

Hotline fishing hook

hotline fishing hook terrariums

Um, don’t worry about the name, it’s actually still a fishing rod. This is the first rod to fish in the lava by default (although you can use the Lava-proof hook if you want to use another rod in the underworld) and is only available by completing the fisherman’s quests.

He has a 1/75 chance of dropping from the Fisherman after completing 25 quests, and he can only drop in Hardmode, which means you’ll have to defeat the Wall of Flesh. You can complete quests before Hardmode for a chance to get the Fisherman. All 25 quests count, so you better go fishing.

Golden Fishing Rod – The best rod, but a complete grind

golden terrariums fishing rod

The Golden Fish Rod is therefore the best rod in the game with 50% fishing power. It’s also the most frustrating cane to get your hands on. The way it works is as follows: you have a small chance of getting it as a fisherman’s reward after completing exactly 30 quests. These quests stack, so at 60, 90, and so on.

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There is a small chance of getting the rod after completing 75 fishing quests, around 1/250 chance. You can see why this is probably the rarest rod in the game. While not all of the Fisherman’s quests are difficult, some of them are time consuming and require you to jump from part of the map to the bottom. ‘other.

Best Fishing Accessories in Terraria

terrarium fishing character

For the ultimate fishing trip, you’ll also want some of the best fishing accessories in the game. All fishing accessories are available in pre-Hardmode, so that’s good.

You’ll probably want to start with the three basic angler fishing accessories: the High Test Fishing Line, the Fisherman’s Earring, and the Tackle Box. You can then combine them into one ultimate accessory, the Angler Tackle Bag.

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