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Seeing into the future: can tarot cards predict the future?Many native Floridians live for the salty ocean and couldn’t be happier on the water holding a fishing rod. It’s part of the education of almost everyone here! Floridians can go there any time of the day or night, but most fishing trips are done at dawn as the fishing is best when the sun comes up! In the Keys and Everglades, it is common to catch fish such as snook, snapper, sea trout, and grouper. Floridians also love to go lobster and crab fishing at dawn!

There are countless species of fish and many types of fishing. One type that requires a bit of practice is fly fishing. You can fly fish for many species, but another popular type in South Florida is bonefish fly fishing. Have you ever tried fly fishing in flats with bonefish flies?

Fly fishing at Blackpoint MarinaFly fishing at Blackpoint Marina

Black Point Park and Marina has been around for a very long time and is a popular destination for a variety of anglers. It has superb spots for fly fishing as well as brackish water fishing. And it’s not uncommon to see people fishing without a rod at Black Point Marina. It truly is a hidden gem that is only known to anyone who grew up in Cutler Bay (what was once called Cutler Ridge, or The Ridge). As with any other type of fishing, it takes time and practice to learn the basics and it gets easier once you get the hang of it. There are a lot of permits, rockfish and bonefish live in Blackpoint Marina all year round as well as tarpon especially during the warmer seasons! This creates an amazing and convenient place for South Florida people to train, even if it is only a short session.

Of course, for any type of fishing you need specific flies for specific fish species in their specific habitats. Each species and habitat has unique characteristics that result in subtle nuances in the patterns of bonefish flies compared to those of redfish. For example, the best bonefish flies mimic crabs, shrimp, and baitfish – the top 3 foods bonefish eat. And although rockfish eat a similar diet, bonefish fly models are much smaller and also use lighter colors due to the crystal-clear water that bonefish thrive in. Tarpons are in a league of their own. In addition to their aggressiveness, they have a concrete mouth, so the flies must also be very sharp.

Casting Bonefish flies without a boat, around the world

It is likely that a majority of Floridians go fishing by boat. If you’ve ever reviewed boats in South Florida, you know that most flat-bottomed boats are even more expensive than a luxury sedan! With some species like sharks and tuna, this is really the only option. However, bonefish presents a challenging yet fun option for fishing WITHOUT a boat! You can get out of the shore and cast bonefish flies in the shallows.

Of course, you can also cast bonefish flies from a boat – you don’t have to! You just need a special rod and then adapt your flies to where you are looking for fish. There are countless areas and options that can be used in our region. There are even specific bonefish flies that are especially popular when you jump in the Bahamas. If you didn’t know, Andros Island and Great Abaco in the Bahamas are both FAMOUS with the bonefish fly fisherman!

Boating in the Bahamas

Fly fishing opens up so many options. You can really go pretty much anywhere, and try different types of saltwater and freshwater fish… And while you specialize only in bonefish flies, you can fish from Mexico and Honduras to the Cook Islands of the South Pacific to the island nation of ‘East Africa, the Seychelles, because there are incredible populations of bonefish all over the world. Just targeting this one species of fish presents different places and landscapes, different people and cultures, different cuisines and arts.

With the endless options and the simple amenities, this would be a perfect way to relax or get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, which is probably a big part of what makes it so enjoyable. You can switch to other saltwater species like rockfish or tarpon, and even switch to freshwater species like bass and trout in Florida’s many rivers and lakes.


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