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After 8 years, Scott’s coveted freshwater flagship, the Radian, has a successor. Its replacement, the new Scott Centric, is the product of 18 months of development and is built on all new cones, a host of new technologies and new components.

Scott is one of the few cane makers in today’s highly competitive market that usually just rests on its laurels. And that’s a good thing, as Scott has historically brought new rods to market when advancements in technology and design demand it, rather than just aiming to give anglers a shiny new thing to distract their attention from existing offerings. .

The Radian’s hallmark was its “fast and user-friendly” design, and it looks like Scott transferred that construction philosophy to the Centric. According to a statement from Scott, the new Centric rods take this mantra “to the next level” and “are the most efficient rods Scott has ever created. High line speed and flat, stable curls are easily generated at no cost. any distance with minimal caster effort. Anglers of all skill levels will notice that these rods are very light in the hand, are incredibly precise and are simply a pleasure to fish at any distance. casting and repairing is the next level. The ability to control the shape of the loop and the speed of the line at any distance gives anglers great versatility. “

The heart of the new Centric is what Scott calls “cabon-link” technology. The rods are built in Montrose, Colorado, using new custom lamination equipment that the rodmaker says allows incredibly precise control of fiber placement and density. When combined with a new proprietary resin system, Scott says the result is an incredibly dense carbon matrix that allows them to build an “exponentially lighter, more efficient rod that reduces fatigue and casting effort, while still building an exponentially lighter, more efficient rod. improving performance with precision and versatility “.

Photo: Scott Fly Rods

“Anytime you can increase the effectiveness of a fly rod through new materials, design concepts, processes, or a combination of these, this is a huge opportunity. A more efficient rod gives you more control over line speed and loop shape with less effort. It means your fishing is more enjoyable and more successful, ”said Jim Bartschi, president and rod designer of Scott Fly Rods.

Fly rod Scott Centric

Fly rod Scott Centric

Photos: Scott Fly Rods

As noted, Centric rods also include a host of new premium components including Flor grade cork, new titanium stripping guides with “super smooth” zirconia inserts, new low-grade Snake Brand universal snake guides. glare and a new milled reel seat with fast threading, easy grip knurling, self indexing hoods, micarta inserts, special Delrin lock washer and Type 3 flat black hard coating.

The new Centric one-handed freshwater range goes from weights 4 to 7 with lengths from 8.5 ‘to 10’. The retail price is $ 895. Available exclusively at a Scott dealer near you.

Although the Centric replaces Scott’s one-handed Radian line, his beloved two-handed Radian rods will remain in production.


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