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Leading up to this year’s IFTD (International Fly Tackle Dealers show) in Reno, Nevada, Sage has announced several new rod series. These new rods and reels are in addition to other new products recently announced by Sage, including its new CIRCA slow action fly rods. These new rod series, the Sage ONE Elite, Response and Approach will join Sage’s existing rod lineup in the coming months.

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The all new top of the line ONE Elite fly rod from Sage.

At $1295, the Sage ONE Elite is Sage’s new premium rod. Built on the same technology as the beloved Sage ONE series, the Sage ONE Elite adds premium components and materials throughout. The Elite offers high end extras such as a titanium reel seat, titanium stripper guides with ceramic inserts and titanium windage control. The handmade handle is crafted from flor-grade cork shaped into a half-well, snub-nose handle. The Sage ONE Elite is currently only offered in a 9ft 5in weight. Availability expected in September.

For the less financially extravagant angler, Sage introduces two new rod series that are affordable in response and approach.

Sage Response Fly Rod

Sage’s new, more affordable Response series of fast action rods.

The Response Series is a light brown fishing rod that uses proven Sage tapers to offer a fast action rod in weights ranging from 3 to 12 weights, over 18 rod models in total. Response rods are also available with a fighting stock in higher weights. The retail price is $395.

The approach caters to even the most budget-savvy, coming in nine different flavors ranging from 3-weight to 9-weight, with a general price of $295. Sage describes the Approach as a medium fast action rod. The Approach will also be sold as an outfit. For an additional $180 (total price $475), anglers can purchase the Approach rods complete with Sage’s 1800 fly reel and RIO Gold fly line. With about $35 saved, that won’t help pay that month’s mortgage, but $35 is still $35.

The Response and Approach series come with Sage’s Codura stem tubes, which are nice looking tubes with built-in splitters.

You can learn more about the three new rod series by visiting the Sage website at

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