Sage adds 3 new families of fly rods in 2020


With anglers looking for 2020 outings on the latest and greatest in gear companies, Sage Fly Fish is launching three new rod families into the ring.

Available in August 2019, Sage builds three different aspects of angling to give consumers more options for net fishing. Covering everything from your light and airy dry fly rod to new options for speycasting and big sturdy but nuanced fish picks, these three new series offer something for everyone.

Here is the breakdown.

LL Trout ($ 800)

The Trout LL series of rods are designed to provide anglers with an optimized experience for wading, light tippets, close casts and small flies. The virgin taper optimization and specialized length offerings aim to make it an ideal rod for the dry fly. The TROUT LL is available from 3 to 6 weights in lengths ranging from 7’9 “to 9 ‘. Think backcountry streams, knee-deep summer evenings and a cane for type d. water that you keep for yourself.

Spey HD Trout ($ 900)

Sage Fly Fish Trout Spey Rod

In response to the increase in Spey technique in the angling world, Sage introduces the Trout Spey HD. Speycasting allows the angler to avoid the backcast and focus on the water ahead. And the design of this rod creates a class of lighter fishing rod for trout enthusiasts.

Sage presents five models from 10’3 “to 11’3” and weights from 1 to 4. And soon, fans of the brand will have new options to cover as much water as possible, whichever method they prefer. .

Payload ($ 550)

Sage Fly Fish Payload Rod

The Payload family is taking a slightly different direction. Covering the heavier side of fly fishing, this series aims to cast heavy lines and big flies. However, the different rod constructions give anglers tough but forgiving options for tough situations on the water.

Weights start at 6 and go up to 11. Yet the 10 and 11 weight models each carry specific constructions to aid anglers with both casting and retrieval. The Weight 10 model features a 3-inch rear handle for the figure of eight. The Weight 11 features a rear grip and an extended grip for a ‘baseball bat’ style throw, while also allowing the angler to gain extra leverage when fighting large fish from a boat. And with slightly shorter rod lengths and softer heels, the angler can expect a smoother casting experience, even in big fish territory.


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