Rolled Up: Custom Fishing Rods Keep Customers Hanging | Sunday

When it comes to custom crafting fishing rods, Barry Weaver employs a lot of skills.

Weaver is alternately a carpenter, engineer, turner, technician and assembler. And when it comes to the decorative aspect of creating a custom fishing rod, it’s a bit of a tailor, carefully adding bronze, blue, green, orange, or red colored thread to the assembly. .

The weaver’s shop in Elizabethtown is called Dreamweaver Custom Rods. He has been making custom fishing rods for over 25 years and has been fishing for about a year older.

“I actually started fishing quite late in my life,” says Weaver. Weaver’s love for fishing evolved as he made his own rods for different purposes. He then started making them for friends and relatives. Soon he opened his store at 207 N. Market St. in Elizabethtown and created a website.

“With a personalized fishing rod, you get a fishing rod that is unique only to you. No one else has the same fishing rod, ”says Weaver.

The base cost of the cane starts at around $ 175. With additional features and decorative touches, that price could reach $ 900, according to Weaver. The typical cost is around $ 400.

When someone wants a custom fishing rod, Weaver asks about comfort and what type of fish the customer is looking to catch. The handle or handle is a key part. When a fisherman is fishing for hours, the handle should be comfortable, Weaver explains.

There are also many other considerations. And questions.

What kind of fish are you looking for? Fresh water or salt water? What type of reel do you use? Are you casting, casting or fly fishing? What is the weight of the line? What type of guide do you use? How tall are you? Arm length? Hand size? Are you right-handed or left-handed? How strong are your arms? What kind of performance are you looking for?

Weaver also asks about favorite colors and added touches such as the hand-carved handles and the colorful whites that adorn the fishing rod.

“Since I launched Dreamweaver Custom Rods, I’ve built custom fishing rods for saltwater, fly, and freshwater anglers around the world,” says Weaver. “Some of my specialty rods include stand-up tuna rods, surf rods, fishing and jigging rods, vertical casting rods, saltwater fly rods, deep fishing rods and a variety of bottom fishing rods, including many species specific rods.

It makes most rods from fiberglass or graphite. Some seem almost weightless. He also repairs and restores fishing rods, especially bamboo rods. Weaver said each build takes two to four weeks.

Weaver’s interest in making custom fishing rods began after he started fishing. When colleagues asked him to go fishing for the first time, he had a problem: no fishing rod. He didn’t want to spend money on something he might never use again, so his stepfather gave him a handmade cane. It was then that his brother-in-law suggested that he could try making fishing rods himself.

“I bought the components and a book, and after that I got hooked on making fishing rods. My wife asked me what I was going to do with all these fishing rods. “I guess I’ll have to sell them,” he recalls, laughing.

Weaver said he enjoys fly fishing, as well as casting surf rods and bass spinning equipment. He fishes in the Susquehanna River, Pine Creek and Lake Champlain in Vermont. He also fishes for salmon and rainbow trout in New York City, enjoys surf fishing on the East Coast, and tries bonefish in the Bahamas. His biggest catch? A 55 inch red drum taken from the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

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