talks about some of the most effective types of fire starters

Being able to start a fire brings many benefits. Fires create ambiance and provide warmth on a chilly night. They are perfect nighttime additions for camping. In survival scenarios, fires are essential for warmth, cooking, water sterilization, and other important tasks.

That being said, starting a fire is not always an easy task. Doing this by twisting a stick against a piece of firewood could take hours if it’s at all effective. Many simpler and more foolproof options are available. Those interested can find out more here, but for now, take a look at some of the best fire starters currently on the market.

Explore different types of fire starters

Obviously, lighter fluid, or lighter fluid as it is also called, makes starting a fire quick and easy. Other flammable liquids, such as gasoline, can also be used for this purpose. However, these are not exactly the safest options, according to and many other sources. They could certainly cause serious injury and cause fires to get out of control. Fortunately, several other fire starting solutions are available.

Fire-lighting sticks

Companies like Cutting Edge Firewood offer safe and effective fire starter sticks. This company’s version of the fire starter is wrapped in twine. Lighting the string ignites the stick. In turn, the stick supplies additional firewood. Other varieties may be coated with flammable chemicals.

Ferro Rods

Ferro rods are also useful tools for starting fires. These rods are made of ferrocerium, a combination of cerium, iron and other substances. Hitting the rods with the accompanying steel blades causes the pieces to flake off and ignite. When they land on firewood, they can start a fire.

Flint and Steel

Flint and steel fire starters work much like Ferro rods. They consist of pieces of this and steel strikers. These attackers simultaneously cut pieces of flint and ignite them. When these tokens land on the tinder, gently blow on it. This provides the fuel needed to start a fire.


Lighters can certainly make the process of lighting a fire easier. Many varieties are on the market, each with their own benefits. Even basic disposable lighters can work well for starting fires. Zippos, grill lighters and other models that burn liquid fuel are also effective.

Of course, the problem with these is that they can run out of fuel at the worst possible times. Some are refillable, but if there’s no fuel available to fill them up, that’s yet another problem to deal with. Keep in mind that electronic, windproof and waterproof lighters are also available.

Find the right fire starter

Each of these fire starters can be effective, but not all are suitable for everyone. Consider the attributes of each tool to determine the best fire starters for camping, barbecuing, and survival in various scenarios. Remember that some of these tools can also be used in tandem for maximum efficiency and simplicity.

Fires can be romantic and fascinating or crucial to survival in emergency situations. Getting them started is the problem. With the tools mentioned here, those who need to start a fire will be well equipped to handle the situation.

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