Novak Djokovic makes a ‘big mistake’ if he doesn’t get the vaccine – Boris Becker

Novak Djokovic makes ‘big mistake’ if he doesn’t get Covid-19 vaccine, ex-trainer of world number one Boris Becker says

The Serb awaits the outcome of an appeal against the Australian Border Force (ABF) decision to revoke the reigning Australian Open champion’s entry visa and expel him, with an appeal scheduled for Monday.

Djokovic has previously spoken of his opposition to the vaccination and posted on social media before heading to the Australian Open to say that he had received an “exemption clearance” to enter the country.

Novak Djokovic enjoyed a successful partnership with coach Boris Becker (John Walton / PA)

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Becker – himself a former world number one and two-time Australian Open champion as well as three singles titles at Wimbledon – enjoyed a successful three-year partnership with Djokovic that included six Grand Slam wins.

The 54-year-old has a close relationship with the Serbian, but believes their views on how best to protect themselves against the coronavirus are very different.

“On this occasion, I think he made a big mistake by not getting the vaccine. He’s the one who threatens what is left of his career and his chance to cement himself as the greatest player of all time, ”Becker said in a Daily Mail column.

“Four times I’ve sat in his box as he won the Australian Open, so I’m fully aware of his great strengths as an incredible competitor. I also think he has a great character which can easily be misunderstood.

“Yet these strengths can also be weaknesses. The same incredible determination that I have seen winning so many close matches can be a vulnerability with his stubbornness.


Becker believes that if Djokovic maintains his hesitation about the vaccine, it could present more obstacles to his playing career.

“He’s incredibly strong-willed, with very strong convictions. If he doesn’t, then in 10 years he will come back and realize he made a mistake, ”Becker said.

“It’s not just Australia. The point is, we live in a different world and it is going to be very difficult to live the life of a professional tennis player who travels without getting the vaccine.

“These are the rules, whether we like them or not, and we have to accept them. Maybe one day we will return to a more normal situation, but at 34 he doesn’t have much time to pursue his goals.

“As a person who loves him, I know he will suffer. He will be shocked at the treatment he receives, in a dark room with his meals pushed under the door.

“It will be all the more disconcerting as he loves playing in Australia and maybe no more stadium than Rod Laver Arena.”

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