Man says fishing buddy attacked him with fly rod and oar on Missouri River


Man says his friend hit him with an oar and used his fly rod to stab him in the face on a 2017 fishing trip on the Missouri River near Craig that left him fearful for his life .

John Mitchell Winders was charged in April with criminal mischief and theft and assault with a weapon.

He was scheduled to appear for the first time Tuesday in Cascade County District Court before District Judge John Kutzman.

Patrick Owen arrived at the Cascade County Sheriff’s Office to report the alleged assault on September 25, 2017.

He told an MP that he and Winders were fishing in Winder’s boat near the Mountain Palace fishing port on the Missouri River in Cascade County.

Owens reported that Winders started yelling and verbally berating him and repeatedly pushed him into the boat and attacked him after asking him to row to the east shore so they could fish in this zoned.

Owen retaliated in self-defense, court documents show.

“The accused grabbed Owen’s fly rod and smashed it into three pieces,” the affidavit reads. “The accused grabbed an oar and swung it towards Owen and hit his right hip and chest. The strike knocked Owens off balance and fell to the side of the boat.

“Owen said he feared for his life from the rapid current and wore waders. The accused used the tip of the broken fly rod and stabbed Owens in the face,” the affidavit reads.

After the attack, Owen told authorities, he called a friend to come pick him up and take him to Craig to pick up his truck.

The fly rod was valued at $ 850. Owen also said Winders had his $ 300 Yetti Hopper cooler.


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