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Finding your passion in life is everyone’s goal and if you are lucky enough you can sometimes discover it at a young age. For Christian Bueter, he discovered that building and packing fishing rods was what he loved to do when he was a teenager.

“He would go to another neighborhood and spend all day learning how to make canes,” said Chris Bueter, Christian’s father.

Christian learned the ropes from his now business partner, Joey “Swurvey” Shervy, who wrapped rods for the Ships Chandler for 15 years. After Bueter mastered the art of custom making rods and wrapping them in decorative thread and paint, Shervy decided to focus on commercial fishing and left his clients in Bueter.

Get Bent Rods was born.

Now, after 14 years, Bueter manufactures and designs rods for almost all of Destin’s fishing fleet and for Tyler McLaughlin, the captain of the Pinwheel on the National Geographic Channel TV show “Wicked Tuna”.

“The first fish I saw them catch with a Get Bent rod paid $ 28 a pound, which is really very high,” Bueter said. “It was one of my goals, to have my rods on this show, so it was really cool to see that.”

Every Get Bent rod is made to order. Bueter said he likes to take his time and make it perfect, so it takes around two to four weeks to build a cane. Using his hands, he weaves thread on the stems to create patterns like stars and crosses. It also paints the rod in the color desired by the customer and can create a marbling effect, giving each customer their own unique rod.

Bueter said he noticed that boats using his rods usually took first or second place at Destin Fishing Rodeo or other local fishing competitions.

“I say they are blessed because of all the time and effort that I put into it,” he said. “It makes them so much more special than any other rod out there.”

Most custom rods start at around $ 200 and go up from there based on design preferences and parts, but Bueter said money didn’t matter to him.

“With the time he devotes to it compared to the money he earns, it is definitely not about the money for him,” his father said.

“I charter fish during peak season and I use that money to help me out, so it feels more like a hobby to me,” Christian said.

But this hobby kept him busy.

“I’m so busy with custom orders that I haven’t even been able to build my own rods,” he said. “But I love to see people fishing with my rods and catching good fish.”

For more information on Get Bent Rods, visit their Facebook or Instagram page.

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