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The new VIRTUS rods from Jewel Baits were designed by competitive anglers and built by staff with years of rod manufacturing experience, the culmination of over 30 years of rod manufacturing and development. This knowledge and experience come together to form the right type of rod for specific applications. These handcrafted rods are made in the USA and meet the needs of competitive and recreational anglers with a simple no-frills warranty.

Two series will distinguish the rods: a Red Diamond Series and a Blue Diamond Series. The first two rods to come out will be the Finesse Jig rod and the Wart / Crawler rod. The Red and Blue Diamond series will offer a complete line for all fishing applications.

“At Jewel, we make specific tools to do specific jobs to help people catch more fish,” said Gayle Julian, owner of Jewel Bait Company. “VIRTUS rods are created to help all types of anglers catch more fish in their specific situation. This is why we are launching the Finesse Jig rod and the Wart / Crawler rods first. These are specific tools for specific baits that create what we want to offer our customers: an exceptional fishing experience. “

VIRTUS rods are now available for purchase. A Black Friday promotion gives anyone first access to VIRTUS rods. “We are promoting VIRTUS through the website and the Black Friday deal will offer free shipping on any purchase of a VIRTUS rod,” said Jordan Cecil, Marketing Director of Jewel Bait Company. Find your VIRTUS rod at

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