Is it a good idea to finance travel with a loan?

For this new year, why not start it off with a trip? It would be a great idea. Indeed, this is the ideal time to meet with families, give each other gifts, but also prepare for the next vacation. How are the French going to travel for this year 2020? Focus on effective practices and advice to best prepare for your next vacation.


A suitable travel formula?

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For the year 2020, according to a recently published Voyager Lancers survey, 45% of those questioned wish to go on vacation in the off-season. It should be said that indeed it is the most favorable period to find promotional offers on such or such destination. It is also an opportunity to pay less than during holidays in high season for example.

Count therefore 31% for those who are forced to go on a trip during the school holidays and for a little more than 9% of, only winter will get out of France and get the sun in the other hemisphere of the globe.

Still according to the same survey, the tendency of a third of French people is to travel to places where they are used to going. For 28% of respondents, it’s more a question of discovery and adventure since their choice of destination will be based on the best offer they will find!

As a tourist promoter, you cannot do without the “all inclusive” formula since 45% of our panel prefer to use this offer to have less hassle during the organization of trips. And for the majority of them, these trips are above all an opportunity to explore and meet a new culture, while for others it is for sport (15%) or good -being (33%).


Is requesting a credit advisable for a travel budget?

Is requesting a credit advisable for a travel budget?

On average, a French person spends around 2,201 dollars on holidays. In case this amount turns out to be limited, they do not hesitate to resort to a bank loan to boost their budgets even if savings are sometimes sufficient.

Exactly for 2020, exotic destinations will be popular, according to a Money Planet survey. At the top of the list, we find Bhutan , Uruguay or even the eSwatini in southern Africa. Destinations that require good financial preparation.

Because who says exotic destinations therefore also imply a memorable road trip! It is precisely to finance these trips that the personal credit offers offer advantageous conditions: for an unrestricted consumer loan worth 3000 dollars for example, you can have a repayment period of 36 months for a monthly payment about 90 dollars.

To get the best consumer credit offer on the market, take advantage of the competition and don’t hesitate to compare all the offers. By using a credit simulator you will therefore have to carry the information relating to the credit that you are going to make.