How to fish in Far Cry 5 and get new fishing rods

One of the new features introduced in Far cry 5 is the capacity of go fishing. You can unlock fishing at the start of the game, but the nuances of the best way to catch fish, get new fishing rods and lures, and find the best fishing spots are not obvious. Instead, fish in Far cry 5 is kind of like your own little game within a game, and it’s a real challenge to learn how to be the best fisherman in Hope County.

In our Far cry 5 fishing guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about the best fishing locations, how to get the best rods and lures, how to overcome fishing challenges and break regional fishing records.

How to unlock fishing in Far cry 5 and get your first fishing rod

Before I can fish in Far cry 5 for the first time you have to complete the first part of the game on Dutch’s Island. Once you complete the tutorial tasks for Dutch, the rest of Hope County will open up and you can head in any direction you want.

You can buy a fishing rod at any shop that sells guns across Hope Country, but we’ll point you in the right direction and get you one for free. To get the official Far cry 5 fishing training you will need to go to Dylan’s Master Bait Shop on the border of the Whitetail Mountains and talk to Skylar. She’ll send you on a side mission called Tools of the Trade, and when you’ve completed it, she’ll agree to teach you how to fish.

If you don’t want to give yourself all that trouble, there’s another surefire way to get a fishing rod early in the game. After completing the tasks on Dutch’s Island, head to the east side of the game. island and look for a dock. There you will find a man who acts as a store. Not only will he sell you weapons, but he also has the first two fishing rods available in his inventory for purchase.

How to catch fish Far cry 5

Fundamentals of fishing in Far cry 5 are not that difficult to obtain. Fishing in this game works a lot like in Final Fantasy XV, so if you have played this game you can apply the same techniques here. Once you have a fishing rod, you can equip it by opening the utility wheel and selecting it from the up position; then you are ready to start fishing.

To cast your line, point at the water and hold the fire button down. You will start to roll back the line. The longer you press the fire button, the more your line will be cast. Once you have your lure in the water, you can start attracting the fish by slowly pulling them up. When a fish bites, you will be prompted to hook it. Then the fight is on.

To catch a fish you need to start spinning while holding your rod in the opposite direction to where it is trying to swim. You will need to watch your line, however, as it will change color to indicate the voltage applied to it. When it starts to turn from yellow to orange, you need to stop spinning and move the rod in the direction the fish is swimming to release the tension. Once the line turns green again, you can start rewinding the fish again.

The first fish you will likely catch is rainbow trout. It won’t hold up too much, but it’s a great fish to practice before moving on to the harder specimens of Far cry 5.

How to get better fishing rods and lures Far cry 5

Unless you’re specifically looking for a fishing rod, the first you’ll likely come across is the basic fishing rod, although the natural fishing rod is also available in stores right off the bat. However, there are four Rods in total in the game, with the best two having special unlock requirements.

Far cry 5 List of fishing rods

Basic fishing rod

Far Cry 5 Basic Fishing Rod

  • Description: Strong and durable, this rod is perfect for anyone new to fly fishing.
  • Statistics:
    • Range: 2
    • Rate of fire: 2
    • Handling: 2

Natural fishing rod

Far Cry 5 Natural Fishing Rod

  • Description: A mid-range fly fishing rod with heavy gauge line and fast reel.
  • Statistics:
    • Range: 2
    • Rate of fire: 4
    • Handling: 4

Wonderboy Fishing Rod

Far Cry 5 Wonderboy Fishing Rod

  • How to Unlock: Help Skylar at Dylan’s Master Bair Shop in the Whitetail Mountains.
  • Statistics:
    • Range: 2
    • Rate of fire: 9
    • Handling: 6

Old Betsy Fishing Rod

Far Cry 5 Old Betsy Fishing Rod

  • How to Unlock: Beat each region’s state records by fishing tough spots across Hope County.
  • Statistics:
    • Range: 2
    • Rate of fire: 6
    • Handling: 9

Basically the best thing you can do is get the Wonderboy Fishing Rod ASAP. Skylar’s quest is easy to accomplish and having the second best rod in the game is crucial for some of the tough fishing spots.

Far cry 5 List of lures

You do not have to buy lures in Far cry 5, although that would have been cool. Instead, you start with the base Mayfly and earn the other four when you unlock the Fisher King perk in the Survival Skill Tree.

The five decoys in Far cry 5 are:

  • Basic Mayfly: Can catch most fish, good lure all around.
  • Bass Popper: Used to catch larger bass, but also works with other fish.
  • Hybrid sturgeon: attracts heavier sturgeons, but can also be used to catch other fish.
  • Salmon Egguf: Can make big salmon, but also works with other fish.
  • Trout Bugger: Used to attract larger trout, but also attracts other species.

Some of the big uniquely named fish can only be hooked with the particular lure they find attractive. Usually you will find out by talking to someone or finding information about the named fish in the area, but sometimes you just have to guess which one to use.

How to find difficult fishing spots in Far cry 5

While you can drop your line anywhere there is water in it Far cry 5, that does not mean that you are going to catch good fish. To find the biggest selling big fish, you are going to have to find specific fishing spots. The best way to do this is to be on the lookout for magazines and outdoor maps that detail where they are located. Once you find the correct information, you will be able to check your map to find it.

The most lucrative places to fish Far cry 5 although the locations are marked “DUR”. This is where you will find the strongest fish that sell for the most money. Be careful though; they’re much harder to reel than fish in regular spots, so be prepared to put your fishing skills to the test.

How to beat regional fishing records in Far cry 5

Far Cry 5 Regional Fishing Records

The ultimate goal of fishing in Far cry 5 (other than relaxing and having fun) is to break the Hope County regional fishing records. You will find a regional fishing registration table in each of the three main towns in the region. There’s one in Fall’s End, one in Hope’s Den, and one in Hope County Jail.

Each regional fishing log table shows a picture of the species you can catch in that region and the record weight for each fish. To find the fish you need to beat each record, you will have to search for difficult fishing spots. In these fishing grounds you will find the fish you need to break the records but beware, these will be the hardest fish to catch in the game.

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