How to Choose Bass Fishing Rods Based on Technique – Wired2Fish

Have you ever wondered how to choose the best fishing rod for the technique and coverage you are fishing? As an experienced rod connoisseur and designer, professional bass angler Kyle Welcher explains how to select the right rod for the situation. It covers the basics of rod power and action and how hook size (gauge or thickness) dictates which rod power and action to choose.


Power refers to the amount of force required to load the rod, while action (taper) refers to the bending characteristics of the blank. Getting both right is essential to working specific lures properly, hooking fish, and keeping them hooked. Moderate cones excel when using treble baits like crankbaits or moving lures like spinnerbaits and blade jigs. A more moderate action helps keep your line taut and treble hooks buttoned when the fish shakes its head. With moving baits, a slower action gives the fish more time to take the bait deeper into their mouth, increasing connections.

Conversely, Welcher explains why he prefers a fast or extra-fast action rod for flipping and single hook pitching applications. More power is needed to penetrate larger hooks through cover, while the faster action moves your line and fishes faster while helping to clear vegetation. However, there is less room for error with heavier power rods with fast actions.

Finally, Welcher discusses shaft length and why it’s a more personal preference. What if you can only swing a rod or two. And many anglers can’t afford or only need a rod or two? Welcher shares what he thinks is the best all-around bass rod for performing multiple techniques successfully.

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