How Rolling Loud DJ Five Venoms continued to make money during the pandemic


DJ Five Venoms.
(Photo courtesy of DJ Five)

DJ Five Venoms is the official DJ of the Rolling Loud music festival.

The festival returns to Los Angeles from December 10 to 12, in March 2020, when COVID-19 crippled the nation and the world, many artists lost money because they ran out of live concerts. For Five Venoms, things have gone smoothly, thanks in large part to its internet presence.

The venoms spoke to deployment about working in a pandemic as well as some of his other music making and performing businesses.

Who are you DJ for at the Rolling Loud LA Festival?

As the official festival DJ, I have the chance to DJ for many artists at the festival besides having my own set “DJ Five Venoms & Friends”, where I can discover new artists and give them a platform. form.

You toured with Rod Wave on his #SoulFly tour. How did this experience go?

It was a very long tour, a good experience. There were amazing fans and great energy. It was a great opportunity to discover new markets.

I was also able to break my new singles.

How did 2021 go for you doing concerts regularly again? How difficult has 2020 been for creators?

It was great to be back – I didn’t stop in 2020 because I was in Miami. My forties allowed me to launch my Sic World label and work with Rolling Loud. I kept busy with radio and Twitch.

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