Free fishing rods provided for youth to use in northeast Montana | just for kids

If you live in northeast Montana and don’t have a fishing rod but want to go fishing, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks offers a program that provides free rods and basic tackle.

The 350 fishing rods are distributed in 41 different municipalities as part of the “Kids to Fish” program. The rod also comes with hooks, floats and sinkers. The loan rods are already equipped with a bobber, a split-shot and a hook. They should be ready to go if you just add bait like worms, a piece of corn, or a flavored marshmallow. Grasshoppers are also great bait if you can catch them.

Anglers can change the setup, but they want to target the fish they’re after, FWP noted. If you’re fishing in a creek, for example, you probably don’t need a bobber. Floats are great for ponds and lakes.

“While maintaining, replacing and moving to all loan locations takes a lot of time and effort, it is worth it if it allows someone to fish who otherwise would not have the occasion,” said Marc Kloker, FWP Region. 6 Responsible for the information and education program.

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Rods and equipment should be returned to where they were borrowed, hopefully in good condition for other young people to use.

“The many business owners and organizations that participate in the program deserve special thanks,” added Kloker. “They’re helping a lot of kids have fun on the water this summer.”

If anyone is looking to check a large number of rods (over 20) for a particular event, contact the Glasgow or Havre FWP offices. For a list of cities and locations where rods can be picked up, log onto the FWP website at

—Brett French, [email protected]

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