Fly Fishing 101: How to Choose a Fly Rod

In this quick explainer, Backcountry teaches budding anglers everything they need to know before buying a fly fishing rod.

What is the difference between carbon fiber and bamboo fly rods? How is rod flex measured and why is it important? What kind of fly fishing rod is best for fishing streams? And the lakes?

When it comes to fly fishing, there is a steep learning curve. Watch Gearhead Cat break down the most daunting aspects of how to choose a fly rod with the help of some handy infographics.

Duration: 2 minutes

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Jilli Cluff
By Jilli Cluff

Jilli grew up in the rural mountains of southern Colorado, then moved to Texas for college. After seven years in business consulting, she was introduced to sport climbing – and life would never be the same. She now works as a contributor, gear tester and writer for GearJunkie and other outlets within the AllGear family. She’s based in Atlanta, Georgia, where she sets up shop with her climbing gear and blue one-ear heel, George Michael.

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