Explaining all the different types of elves in the franchise

Like all good RPGs should have, Ancient Scrolls offers many playable races to choose from in its various games. Players can choose between “Manish” species like the Britons, beast-like species like the Argonians, or a range of Elven races, each with their own distinct visual characteristics and abilities. However, the old scrolls The franchise is vast, and there are over 10 different types of elves across the five main entries and spinoffs, which means there’s a lot to take in.


The Elven races, also called Mer, are among the oldest races in all of Nirn, having lived there for centuries before the Manish species roamed the planet. Over time, the different tribes of Mer began to drift apart, eventually creating their own factions and learning new skills to survive on their own.

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Aldmeri Soldiers from The Elder Scrolls Online

The Aldmer, also known as the “First People”, are the very first Elven race, originally settling on the Isle of Summerset in the Merethic era. The Aldmer are widely regarded as the first highly intelligent race of Nirn, the ancient species of beasts refraining from using any form of technology.

The Aldmers have all but disappeared in the modern era of recent old scrolls games, with their different factions splitting off and becoming their own Sea types over time. But there is an Elven faction that strives to keep the Aldmeri traditions and way of life alive in the modern age.

The Altmer/High Elves

The Altmer, also known as “High Elves”, reside on Summerset Isle and are immediately recognizable by their golden complexion and tall stature. The High Elves have embraced their Aldmeri heritage and aim to keep it very much alive, apparently going so far as to breed selectively to ensure that children pass on the physical traits of the Aldmer. The Altmer have gained a reputation across Tamriel as being rather arrogant, openly considering themselves to be the most sophisticated race around.

Altmer are known for their impressive ability to master the arcane arts, though ironically their only real weakness as a race is the magic they wield. Many Altmer spend their long lives learning everything there is to know about magic.

The Ayleids/Wild Elves

10 Things About Alessian Slave Rebellion King Laoriaran Dynar Ayleids

The Ayleids, also known as “Wild Elves”, were one of the first races to break away from the main Aldmer race, creating Tamriel’s first empire. The Ayleids spread their influence across the land, eventually taking control of the province that became Cyrodiil and founding the Temple of the Ancestors, which later became the Imperial City.

The Ayleids are often credited with mastering the art of weathering, and they used their magical prowess to build monumental underground cities, which can still be found across Cryrodiil in the modern era. Despite folk legends, the Ayleids all but disappeared, their empire falling at the start of the First Era.

The Chimeras / The Changed

10 Things About Chimer Dark Elves

The Chimer, also called “The Changed”, left the Aldmer to seek the land of Morrowind. With the Prophet Veloth and a few Daedric voices guiding their path, they landed in Morrowind and began a new Elven civilization centered on ancestral worship.

Dunmer/Dark Elves

Elder Scrolls 10 Things About Dark Elves Savos Aren

As a result of a curse, the Chimer race was permanently transformed into the Dunmer, a red-eyed, largely dark-skinned race that is commonly referred to as “Dark Elves” by the people of Morrowind. Dark Elves are widely known for their skill in battle, being skilled with both sword and bow, as well as a wide range of Destruction magic. Dark elves are often seen as a little more aloof than other elven races, but have very strong family ties to their clan.

Bosmer/Wood Elves

The Elder Scrolls Online 10 Facts About Wood Elves Wood Orcs

The Bosmer, commonly referred to as “wood elves” by those of the Empire, abandoned the Aldmeri people to live more closely with nature. Bosmer tend to be one of the more agile elven races, causing many to become rogues or scouts for larger armies. The Bosmer also have an extreme talent for archery, with ancient legends claiming that they even invented the weapon.

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The Orcs

skyrim orc fight

Orcs are generally thought to be the descendants of an ancient mountain race of Elves, but share traits with the Goblin and Beast races. Orcs were widely feared across Tamriel, but eventually rose to prominence during the reign of the Empire, where their natural talent for blacksmithing and hand-to-hand combat became highly sought after.

The Dwemer/ Dwarfs

MHARPHIN the Dwemer Centurion style adept in Skyrim

The ancient Dwemer race, called “Dwarfs” by the Manish races of Tamriel, are one of the most mysterious factions in all old scrolls, with much of their history still unknown. While stories have been written for centuries perpetuating various myths about the race, no one really knows why they left the Aldmeri, or what they did after. The only real evidence of the actions of the Dwemer are the ruins of their impressive underground cities and technology.

The Falmer / Snow Elves

Snow Elves in Skyrim - Skyrim Things About the Setting Players Don't Know

A faction that has found a home in Skyrim, the Falmer, also known as the “Snow Elves”, are striking in appearance with pale skin and white hair. The Falmer are essentially immune to the cold and are skilled archers.

In ancient times, many of the people of Falmer in Skyrim were tricked by their Dwemer cousins ​​and fed poison, which left them blind. The descendants of these blind slaves, now considered a barbarian race, are what modern-day citizens of Skyrim call Falmer, the term Snow Elf being used to refer to the original, undeformed race.

left-handed elves

Elder Scrolls Online Summerset Chapter Overview

A former enemy of the Redguards/Yokudans, the left-handed Elves were all but wiped out. During a fierce war, the left-handed elves were driven back into the sea by the Yoku people, who harbored a strong hatred for elves. This hatred prompted the warrior Yoku Ra Gada to destroy all elven settlements found along the coast of Hammerfell.

The Maormer/Sea Elves

Elder Scrolls Online High Isle Chapter Maormer Sea Elves Confirmed

The Maormer are found on an island south of the Summerset Isles, named Pyandonea. As Maormer have spent their entire lives in and around the sea, they are often referred to as “sea elves” and can be immediately recognized due to their fin-like ears and colorless skin similar to that of a chameleon.

Some Maormer, known as “Leviathans”, are extremely tall and broad creatures that appear scaly. The Leviathans adopted a more beast-like posture, slithering through the water like a serpent, instead of using their hands or feet to swim. Leviathans also have a habit of eating their prey whole.

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