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Reyr Gear considered traveling with a fly rod and realized how complicated it can be. Four pieces, down to the shank, a reed, the line through the eyelets – there are a lot of components to handle. So they designed a rod with the line routed through the center, allowing it to telescope along its entire length in just a few seconds. The Reyr First Cast Travel Fly Rod is designed to simplify the time it takes to start fishing and it works great on the water.

Conceptually, I struggled with this idea – no eyelets, so where does the line go? Basically it’s rigged and ready anytime, using a proprietary line that runs inside the rod. You can even store it with flies attached. The Reyr is 17 “long when fully compressed and extends up to 8’6” for fishing. The complete kit is only 11 ounces and includes a rod, reel, line, taper leader, storage bag and compact fly box. With such a small size and weight it fits in any day pack and I never have to worry about it weighing down my pack.

reygear.com $ 279.00

The First Cast rod combines components from Tenkara and traditional rods for something revolutionary. The rod is medium weight (around 6wt) with moderately fast action. She casts like a traditional rod, although I had to adjust my method for false casts slightly (because at first I was shooting through the rod rather than the reel).

I really like this rod for the high mountain lakes around Aspen. Last summer I was able to hike several of the lakes around Grizzly Reservoir and just threw the cane in my bag. At Tabor Lake, I was able to try the remote casting and streamers to hook some of the huge resident trout. The Reyr is also great to have in my truck when I find myself with just a few minutes to fish the Roaring Fork River – the convenience of not having to reinstall the rig for just 25 minutes of fishing is priceless.

So while this rod is a great option for an advanced angler looking for ease of movement and ready to cast, I have found it to be a great option for people new to fly fishing. Let’s be honest – the amount of equipment and knowledge of knots is a barrier to entering the sport for many. This compact package eliminates some of the overwhelming aspects of learning. I was able to hand it over to a friend who could just extend and start casting and even catch a fish on day one.

Whether you are looking for an easy way to start fishing or easy access to more remote areas, the Reyr First Cast Travel Fly Rod is a great option for any angler or woman.


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