Epic Graphite Fly Rod Review: Power Meets Answer


Epic makes premium fly fishing rods for anglers as picky as a stubborn rainbow trout. We put her weight 5 to the test in this review.

As with other equipment, you can often tell the quality of fly fishing gear when you hold it in your hand for the first time. When I first opened the Epic Graphite Rod ($ 795) I could tell this rod would be a solid addition to my quiver.

It is a lightweight, handmade cane designed and manufactured in New Zealand. I first mounted it with my Galvan Torque Reel ($ 385) which had a 5 weight Scientific Anglers MPX line ($ 80). The MPX line is half a size heavy which I found after a day of casting a little too heavy for the rod.

Epic’s website suggests using an AFTMA # 5 weight line, which is a “true to size line”. So I switched to my Bozeman Reel Company RS spool ($ 410) and 406 Fly Lines Casting For Recovery ($ 69), which is a lighter line designed for lighter rods.

Get into the action


When I composed my lines I took the cane to a few small streams in Paradise Valley including the famous spring streams. In these waters as clear as gin, presentation is essential. Lightweight tippet, little flies and smart fish make these coves difficult for even the best trout fishermen. I took out the Epic Graphite Rod to see how it held up in such a technical situation. The rod protects the light tip well and gives me the power and confidence to land fish.

Granted, it took me a while to figure out my casting speed with this rod. But once I walked into the zone with him and spent some time getting to know him, he behaved really well and behaved really well.

Once the rhythm started, our famous winds from Livingston, MT followed suit. The stiffer heel and midsection of this rod allows me to go through winds without a problem. A responsive tip combined with the powerful midsection and heel allow the Epic rod to cast gently and present small droughts to the fish without a problem.

I tried fishing a nymph mount on the rod at one point, which is made up of two flies and a strike indicator. But it didn’t load so easily with the extra weight. However, with a lighter line and some flies, the action was good. I could form nice loops both near and far, and I found the sweet spot for this rod is definitely the medium distances.

A fly fishing rod made for playing


The craftsmanship and attention to detail of this rod is second to none. A beautiful rod with a classic look, it has all the aspects you would expect from a top of the range rod. Thoughtful design combined with premium technology and smooth action make this rod stand out.

It is a lightweight but stable design thanks to unidirectional non-woven material. Epic says, “The unidirectional non-woven material is up to 40% stronger than the traditional woven material commonly used by fly rod manufacturers. The rod is definitely light, at just 3.1 ounces.

The rod uses a reinforced ferrule system on the inside, which helps maintain the taper of the rod and allows for a more streamlined blank. The white itself is finished with Epic’s signature SnakeBelly exterior finish and a nice gloss coating. The rod has an attractive look and has anti-corrosion guides.

Final thoughts

I have always found classic western style handles to be more comfortable in the hand. Fortunately, Epic gives buyers the choice of western grips, full wells, and full wells as well as a combat butt. The brand also offers buyers the choice of reel seat: black, titanium, cork, New Zealand Pohutukawa, or New Zealand Rewarewa. This makes the rod extremely customizable. With good grip combined with a lightweight construction, the rod I used was very comfortable to cast all day.

Epic has a good warranty program in place. The mark will replace either the broken section or the entire rod depending on what happened. With Swift’s Surefit System, it’s easy to get a replacement part without having to ship the rod to Epic’s headquarters in New Zealand. And shipping is often free, but they managed to get a $ 25 shipping deal for 3-4 day shipping to the US. It’s not a bad deal for a good rod.

This Epic Graphite rod is a great buy for someone looking for a sturdy 5 weight rod. It will not disappoint you with its lightweight, durable construction and pleasant action.


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