Consolidated Credit – Why? of low rates

Often, customers find it suspicious that the fees applied to conclude the new contract are so low and do not understand why this happens.

As we know, consolidated credit has several advantages for customers, one of the most appealing is the reduction of up to 60% in the total amount of monthly installments of various credits.

How can we identify this kind of consolidated credit?

How can we identify this kind of consolidated credit?

We can tell you that this is because these consolidation contracts include a longer payment term than the previous institution, for example, customers choose to pay less but for a longer period of time.

To give you an idea, the reduction in monthly benefits is usually greater in families with many credits, whose maturities are very short.

Thus, the consolidation of credits makes it possible to significantly lower the value of the monthly payments, as the payment term is quite long.


What is the length of the payment period?


In addition to the length of the payment period, another important factor for the decrease in the value of the installments is the reduction in commissions.

Negotiating all credits with a single financial institution will help you reduce the total amount of fees charged to you by the institution that manages each of your credits, so you can get much lower benefits.

That is, account maintenance fees or installment processing fees are only accounted for once.


Know it all

Know it all

You already know that with the consolidation of your credits you can better manage your finances, having your family budget more controlled and loose, since you will have to pay less every month.

Still, have doubts? What are you waiting for to consolidate your credits and have more money at the end of the month?


Make a simulation now to consolidate your credits and get to know the advantages that AMCO Crédito can offer you.