Catch more summer bass with these 3 types of lures

Bass occupy different spawning stages in early summer, so it takes a bit of experimentation to find and catch them consistently. McKeon Roberts of Wired2fish shares his favorite lure categories for finding bass and determining their attitude in various waters and situations. * Complete list of products below.

  1. Use a big lure. Larger baits like 7 inch paddle tail swimmers or longer present a slow and easy meal – perfect for recovering bitches. Big baits are always worth trying and usually generate your biggest bites of the day.
  2. Mobile bait. Many lures effectively cover the water, but surface lures are hard to beat. As water temperatures approach their peak, bass are eager to chase and crush bait on the surface. Not only is this one of the most exciting ways to fish, but it also allows you to enjoy the fresh emergent vegetation without a hitch while mimicking bluegill sunfish, which are prevalent among the shallows.
  3. Slow Bottom Baits. Slow presentations can be a form of finesse, like a Ned or Neko rig, or even a large Texas rig setup using light weight. Roberts prefers reduced bullet weight when rigging Texas in early summer because it provides a large, albeit slow, meal that requires minimal energy to hunt. A Texas rig is also a great technique to get a feel for different bottom compositions. Roberts uses a 3/16 ounce weight to feel along the bottom for clumps of newly emerging weeds. Finding these weed patches can be key to finding concentrations of bass.

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Bottom line, be observant whatever the season. Use your eyes to detect fish movements on the surface or in shallow water. Conversely, use your electronics to find the definitive weed edges and other fish-holding features that cannot be seen below the surface. Combining these three lures will give you a good idea of ​​bass activity, leaving your bases covered when fishing in the summer.

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