Bad news for the holders of this credit card because new fees will eat into their account

Even though Christmas is approaching, not everyone is gift time. Some Poste Italiane customers might say so, so December is going to be a nasty surprise first. An unexpected new measure will undermine the integrity of certain accounts linked to a Postepay. Fortunately, the measure will not affect all holders of the widely used card, but only some. They are the ones who activated the new card distributed by Poste Italiane to all its customers: Postepay Evolution. Bad news is on the horizon for holders of this credit card as new fees will eat into their accounts from mid-December. Let’s see how much is the planned new taxation, which we cannot escape.

A small blow for those who use the new Postepay

For some time, Poste Italiane has offered all its customers the possibility of activating a new card, Postepay Evolution. As its name suggests, this card is a real evolution of the previous one. It’s a hybrid: a prepaid card with an IBAN, with which to make and receive transfers. Cardholders will also be able to have their salary and pension credited to their associated account, or to debit their bills. In short, the advantages of this new card are numerous and can be activated very easily in any post office. There are already millions of Italians who use it daily.

Unfortunately for them, however, from this month of December, a new tax planned by La Poste will be levied directly on their accounts, without the possibility of exemption.

Bad news for the holders of this credit card because new fees will eat into their account

December has a bitter surprise in store for millions of Poste Italiane customers. Owners of a Postepay Evolution will see the annual fee for using the card increase overnight. The tax will increase by 20% from the usual 10 euros to 12 euros per year.

Poste Italiane is justified by attributing the new tax to the dizzying increase in electronic transactions. This unexpected increase has resulted in a significant increase in spending by service providers.

There are also other costs for anyone wishing to activate the new Postepay Evolution. Activation has a fixed cost of 5 euros, plus the 15 euros required for the first top-up. On the other hand, the commissions on withdrawals remain unchanged: zero if you withdraw at a post office counter, equal to 2 euros at all the others.


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