Argue why Baker Mayfield should be the Seahawks QB of the future

On March 8, the Seattle Seahawks completed the biggest trade in franchise history. The decision to move on and trade Russell Wilson, a ten-year-old starter with nine Pro Bowls and the franchise’s only Super Bowl championship, is both exciting and terrifying.

Seattle decided not to be held hostage by a quarterback who used the media to passive-aggressively vent his frustrations and demands.

Russ is a Seattle icon who fans will ultimately remember much more for the good times and incredible success, rather than the frustrating last two years that ultimately led him to Denver.

I can respect the Seahawks for that bet, but don’t get me wrong, it’s a gamble.

The case of Baker Mayfield as a long-term QB for the Seattle Seahawks

Fans and the front office can argue over whether the team is rebuilding or reloading. I view trade as an opportunity. Seattle has an opportunity with this decision to be great again, to do things its own way. They’ve already used two of the Broncos’ picks on players who will help them better control the line of scrimmage. Seattle also has the possibility of being wrong, and falling into the dark abyss of a team in quarterback purgatory.

Plea for Baker Mayfield as Seahawks starting quarterback in 2022

The most important decision in franchise history was made on March 8. The next big decision will be who the team thinks will be the franchise’s next quarterback. If they choose wisely, they will be in the hunt for the championship by 2023.

This is part three of a multi-part series where we make the case for the Seahawks’ next franchise quarterback. This Week’s quarterback has been a lightning rod of debate this offseason for multiple franchises. Today we make the case for the polarizing former number one pick, Baker Mayfield.

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