Are you traveling soon? Consider a credit card with these 4 benefits

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How much does your credit card offer?

Key points

  • Travel credit cards offer generous benefits to cardholders.
  • Perks like access to airline lounges can make your trip more enjoyable.
  • Insurance can also help protect your finances.

If you’re going on a trip soon, make sure you have the right credit card to take with you. Different types of cards offer their own unique features and there are many travel rewards cards that can help make your vacation much more enjoyable.

Wondering what kinds of cardholder benefits could enhance your travel experience? Consider looking for a card that offers some (or all) of these four benefits to cardholders.

1. Airline lounge access

Some credit cards give you access to airline lounges. These luxury lounges typically offer free Wi-Fi, comfortable chairs, and free food and drink. They offer a quiet setting to relax away from the hubbub of the airport as a whole, and depending on the specific lounge, may have other interesting features such as places to take a nap.

Most credit cards that offer airline lounge access charge an annual fee. But if you travel often, it might be worth paying for one so you can enjoy this enhanced travel experience.

2. Free checked baggage

Some airline credit cards give you the option to bring checked baggage for free when you would have had to pay for it otherwise. This can save you quite a bit of money if you travel often or take a lot of luggage with you.

Airplane cards are best suited for people who regularly fly with the same airline. But even if you only fly a few times a year with the same airline, these cards may be worth buying if you bring luggage each time.

3. No foreign transaction fees

If you’re going outside of the United States on your trip, you’ll definitely want to make sure you have a travel credit card that doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees.

Many cards advertise that foreign transactions are free – even cards with no annual fee. There’s no reason to pay an extra 3% or 4% for any purchases you make while traveling abroad, so be absolutely sure you have a card that won’t charge you more.

4. Insurance to protect your trip

Finally, it is common for travel cards to offer different types of insurance. This could include rental car insurance in the event of a problem in a rented vehicle; trip interruption insurance if your vacation cannot continue; trip cancellation insurance if you cannot leave at all; or lost baggage insurance in case your suitcases do not arrive at their destination.

Many of these types of insurance would otherwise have a high cost. And it is possible to find different types of travel insurance on cards with and without an annual fee. Consider looking for a travel card that offers the protections you need for your vacation.

By looking for a card that offers some or all of these benefits, you can save money on various aspects of your trip and make your vacation more enjoyable, too. It’s worth researching the best travel cards to find one that offers the benefits that matter most to you.

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