All elemental damage types in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands explained

All experienced Dungeons & Dragons The player knows a dungeon master who likes to maliciously throw as many enemy types as possible at his party of players. rightly in The wonders of Tiny Tinathe last Borderlands game strongly influenced by D&D, players will face a multitude of enemy types.

During the campaign and exploration of the open world, the player assumes the role of Fatermaker and will be challenged by all kinds of enemies: skeletons, pirates, trolls, creatures, goblins, the Coiled and vicious living mushrooms.

Understanding the different damage types will give you an advantage as you progress. Tiny Tina campaign, putting you in position to maximize your damage against specific enemies. Here is a breakdown of each of the elemental damage types in The wonders of Tiny Tina.

fire damage

Fire damage is the optimal elemental type against enemies with larger health bars. Igniting enemies on fire will take away a large portion of their health, even if they are shielded (protected). Sustained fire damage will keep enemies on fire.

Frost damage

Freeze damage will slow enemies over time, and damage taken will freeze them in place as large formations of ice. When facing a frozen enemy, switch to a melee weapon and strike them to deal triple typical melee damage. Frost is also the ideal damage type for enemies made of bone, such as Skeletons.

lightning damage

Lightning damage is great for quickly whittling down shields, also known as Wards. Any enemy with a large blue Ward bar is a suitable candidate for a weapon or spell that deals massive amounts of lightning damage.

Poison damage

Poison damage is designed to outrun heavily armored enemies, which is indicated by a yellow bar on the enemy meter. Poison is the only type of damage that can affect armor.

black magic damage

Dark magic damage is for lifesteal fans. Dark magic weapons will damage enemies and heal you at their expense.

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