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Payment by credit card has become commonplace these days. At a time when online payments are exploding, the risks of hacking are also increasing. Before you start a transaction, think twice so you don’t get hacked! If you are aware of this, you can shop safely!

If your purchases have gone smoothly so far, you may one day be the target of online scammers. This is a common technique used by them which allows them to take control of your bank account and perform fraudulent transactions.

In which cases is it dangerous to pay by credit card?

Some places are considered unsafe when it comes to paying by credit card. To avoid any situation that could put you at risk, be careful when using your credit card and follow these tips.

1. Choose “https” sites for your card purchases



https – Source: spm

As soon as you go to a website, take the time to check if in the address bar, there is indeed an “https” with “s”, like “security”. If so, that means your site is indeed secure. Conversely, when the url of the site begins with an “http” only, your registered bank details will in no way be secure. When you make a transfer, nothing will be confidential and cannot be intercepted by third parties. This is why most e-commerce sites adopt the “https” protocol to ensure confidential management of their customers’ data.

2 . The guys with too good offers when you buy by card

When it comes to a little-known online seller, check some information about them first. Before sending him your payment information, certain data will be very useful for you to unmask him. Observe customer reviews and social media presence. An online seller can also share too attractive offers with unbeatable prices. You must beware!

3. Don’t give out your card information over email

credit card – Source: spm

When you exchange by email, you should never disclose your bank details at the risk of being the victim of phishing, a bank fraud technique that encourages the sharing of personal data. Above all, do not respond to certain “weird” emails! Some links may be dangerous and show common signs of hacking. For example, don’t open links filled with grammatical errors and strange wording.

4. Your card details should be kept secret in public

You have probably come across volunteers on your way trying to collect donations in the middle of the street. Be careful when their demands are excessive. These representatives may sometimes ask you for too many suspicious details, including your bank details, which is completely prohibited. Also avoid disclosing your credit card information in public. Others can hear you!

5. “Hello, here is my credit card number”

Avoid giving out your credit card information over the phone, even if you’re talking to someone you trust. Some people close to you or your interlocutor can listen to your conversation. Please note: your credit card number should never be stored on your phone. Also avoid sending it by SMS, it’s risky!

6. Keep your card in sight

purchase credit card

Credit card – Source: spm

When you want to make a payment by credit card, make sure the payment is in front of you. Indeed, some sellers can collect your card and pass it on a payment terminal in another room. Make sure that all transactions are done in your presence and even when you are the one carrying out a transaction, hide the keyboard of the terminal. It’s safer ! In addition, it is strongly advised not to lend your bank card.

7. Beware of public Wi-Fi networks! Your card details will not be secure

When you are connected to a public Wi-Fi network, whether in a restaurant, a café or in a train station or hotel, remember to disconnect first. Then, establish a private and secure connection before using your credit card. Public networks are the easiest for hackers to access bank details.

8. Never use your card on a public computer

When using a public computer, make sure that multiple people have access to it, which makes it very dangerous for your personal data. Just search for information and do not make any payment on this device. This computer may contain viruses that record and store user information.

By following these tips, you will be able to use your credit card safely!

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