5 types of waterless formulas in cosmetics


In today’s market, driven by small businesses and independent businesses, personal care products ranging from cleansers to sunscreens, serums, face creams, perfumes, hair care and lotions come in sizes waterless, solids or low in water in a global market expected to exceed $ 8.9 billion, according to Future market overview.

Below are some of the formats that brands use to enter this international market, as well as some of the brands that use them.


Bar soaps are no stranger to the average consumer, but brands have expanded the bar format to encompass more personal care products.

Flag shipped by Lush, Bar hair care products, namely shampoos and some conditioners, have become widespread in consumer brands and some consumer brands like Love Beauty and Planet by Unilever. Some mass market retailers, like Target, offer bar shampoo in stores.

Non-cleansing skin care products have also been converted to bars. The French brand Balade en Province offers a night cream barand some brands offer bar serums, such as Ethicsand mighty dew.

Many bar style skin care cosmetics are also available in stick form, which are also popular among solid color cosmetics including foundations, blushes, and highlighters.


A number of companies have launched tablet hand soap options, such as Blueland, Where a consumer would add a dry tablet to a reusable soap dispenser.

Society Earthsubsoffers a collection of shampoo, conditioner and body wash tablets advertised as a travel product that a consumer would crush and rub with water in the shower until the product is liquid.

In the oral care sector, brands like Biteand Hellointroduced toothpaste and mouthwash in tablet form.


Moresells a body wash sheet, which turns into a foam on contact with water and is packaged in 100% soluble packaging, so there is virtually no product packaging waste.

Mark EC30offers single dose shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and hand soap kits, as well as other home care detergents.

During NYSCC Suppliers’ Day, distribution partner IMCD showcased a prototype serum sheet, where a user would put water on their face and then rub the sheet around their skin to transform the serum based seaweed in a creamy texture.

From powder to liquid

In the hair space, Susteau offers multiple collections of “hair wash” powders which, when added to water, foam like liquid shampoos.

Paillardcontains a powdered shower gel which they say can replace up to five bottles of liquid shower gel.

A powdered serum, for Poured out, Is designed to be mixed with a liquid moisturizer and HonestSkin Sweep Exfoliating Powder Cleanser only requires the consumer to wet their hands.

Of course, many color cosmetics conventionally come in powder form, from foundation to eye shadows and highlighters.


The Everiste The brand is built around personal care concentrates, in paste form and packaged in a metal tube. They offer shower gel, shampoo and conditioner formulas that claim to contain an entire bottle of product in a 100ml tube.

Other brands, like Ethics, Also treats fully solid concentrates, which have similar appearances to bars.


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