4 Types of Aquarians You’ll Meet in Your Life

Astrologically, it’s no surprise that people with the same zodiac sign can have completely different personality traits, because our sun signs are only a small part of our birth charts. All Aquarians share some fundamental Aquarius characteristics, but depending on their exact birth details, there can be significant differences in how they communicate, maintain relationships, pursue goals, and express their feelings.

Here we offer you 4 different types of Aquarians that will surely expand your definition of an Aquarius person in your life.

The social animal

At a bar or a wedding, you might spot this Aquarius as he crosses the room greeting others. They’re happy to see you, but they won’t be able to talk to you for long. In their purest form, these Aquarians are air signs. Social but impersonal, interested but distracted, this dating sign enjoys attending large gatherings and expanding their social horizons, but getting to know them on a deeper level can be difficult. To keep them engaged, they will need lots of alone time and conversation about unusual topics.


The visionary

This futuristic Aquarius energy helps us innovate, unite for social justice, and pursue our utopian goals. They can be scientists, inventors or architects, but whatever their profession, this Aquarius is a true pioneer. The futurist’s vision may seem like wishful thinking, but what sets him apart from the average dreamer is his willingness to put in the effort necessary to see real progress in his areas of interest.

The rebel

Aquarians of this type are born rebels who live their lives to the beat of their own drum. But no one is more willing to flaunt their quirkiness than a January Aquarius. These unconventional folks can’t help but challenge the status quo and laugh at tradition as first decan Aquarians, who are arguably blessed with the greatest amount of weird, groundbreaking waves from Uranus. They don’t like being told what to do and prefer to deviate from the norm, even if it means inventing a whole new way of doing things.

against a current


Aquarius is not only contradictory but also sometimes selfish. That means they’re likely to change on a whim, no matter how hot or heavy they are for anything. As principled and moral as this sign can be, there are those who prefer to play devil’s advocate for the sake of argument. These water carriers love to dive into ethically ambiguous territory and are quick to point out that anything that can be debated should be.

The Aquarius personality has four distinct types. Either way, you’ve met people who fit all of these descriptions before, or maybe you’ve only met one type of Aquarius.

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