3 perfect options for young, novice anglers

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There are many great options for children’s fishing rods. Here are five that should do the trick.

One of the funniest activities a child can have is going fishing with mom and dad or grandma and grandpa. Many of the best moments in a child’s life occur at the edge of a pond or on the side of a boat, watching a fish they themselves have hooked come to the net.

The stereotype involves a child using a rod and reel combo specially designed for him (like the inimitable Spiderman rod), but at the end of the day, a child needs a fishing rod that won’t let him down at the moment of truth. .

It may have a lot to do with choosing the line a parent coils the reel with, the right terminal gear, and the choice of baits, but the bottom line is what they’ll fill their hands with: a rod and reel combo. good quality.

First, we’ll cover a few attributes to keep in mind and then share some suggestions for the best kids’ fishing rods and reels.

What to look for in children’s rod and reel combinations

Often times when shopping for a kids’ fishing rod, you will find that a rod and reel combo is the most common choice. A combo like this is the best option for your child as they will be perfectly matched to go with each other.

Spools pre-wound with wire are convenient, but it is usually not clear what the quality is, regardless of the brand. If you are serious about the success of your young angler, don’t be afraid to take the time to rewind him with a fishing line you trust. The last thing you want is a beautiful fish to come off just as they’re about to land it. Heck, no one can predict when a pike, walleye or even a big largemouth bass will strike a kid’s bait! It is worth upgrading things like line or hooks if they are part of a combo kit, but you can usually rely on cheap floats (floats) and sinkers.

A push-button reel with a good anti-reverse mechanism is most common for children, mainly because they are easy to use and less prone to tangles or malfunctions. A spinning combo as a youth fishing kit is best suited for a little older kids, say a kid 5 or 6 and up, who can handle a spinning reel on their own. Bigger hands are a definite advantage, and there’s a bit more of a learning curve. A baitcasting reel is for kids who are familiar with other reel options and want even more control, but they can be more of a problem for those who are inexperienced. If you are equipping a beginner, do not go for the baitcasting reel.

The material of the upper has progressed enough that you know that everything, especially something designed for a child, will be reasonably strong. You don’t need to look for a fancy carbon fiber spinning rod if it’s for a youngster. A telescopic fishing rod can work well for young people, but after a while they can get dirt and grime between the rod blanks and stop working so well. A one-piece cane is preferable, and while it can sometimes be difficult to store in the car, youth canes are generally shorter and not that difficult to manage. There are stems in two or three pieces, which fall down the middle.

Here are three great picks that represent the ideal fishing rod and reel for kids.

Zebco Dock Demon

kids fishing rods

Zebco has been a big name in kiddie fishing for a long time. I started my fishing career with the Model 202 and 404 reels, but Zebco has come a long way since then. This Dock Demon combo usually comes with a reel or spinning reel, and we opt for the spinning reel as a great fishing rod for kids who are just starting out.

This is a 30 inch rod designed in one piece, ideal for novice anglers. It has a right-hand retrieve, is pre-coiled with a 6-pound line, and has a comfortable EVA handle for a good grip.

Abu Garcia IKE dude

Children's fishing rods

The Abu Garcia IKE Dude Spinning Combo is a collaboration between a leading fishing equipment company and a great professional fisherman, as Mike “Ike” Iaconelli has teamed up with Abu Garcia to provide the youngsters with a fishing rod and reel. predilection. The two-piece composite rod and pre-wound graphite reel are tough enough to handle anything a young angler can throw up, and it’s priced right for the quality.

Spincast Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Set

Children's fishing rods
Bass Pro Shops

Backed by a seven-year warranty, the Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 can be paired with your choice of Shakespeare Synergy Steel 10 Spincasting, Synergy TI Micro Spincasting Reel or Synergy Titanium Microspin Underspin Reel. Availability will depend on where you find it, but it’s definitely a good option for kids.

At five feet, six inches in length, this sturdy two-piece rod is ready for a child’s hand, and the choice of fishing reels will make it easy to choose the one that suits your young angler’s taste. As all of us who have owned Ugly Sticks in our lifetime will tell you: they are the real deal and super tough when it comes to fast and heavy angling, just like a good fishing rod. should be.

Remember that a youth fishing rod has to be a specially designed system that works best for their skill level, helps them be successful and leaves them wanting more. A fishing trip should be fun-based, and if your young angler is equipped with great gear, they will be lined up for success in what hopefully is a lifetime of great experiences.

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