15 types of desserts that will transport you directly to Italy

Biscotti hails from the Italian region of Tuscany and dates back to the 14th century (via NPR). Almonds were first used in biscotti recipes because they were grown locally. The cookies have been baked twice to extend their shelf life: The word “biscotti” (the singular form of biscotti, even means “twice baked,” according to Bucks County Biscotti).

These components have made biscotti popular. As the trend for these cookies caught on and began to spread, the cookie inspired interpretations all over Italy. Some regions used pistachios or sesame seeds. Some people (Tuscans) started calling it cantucci. But today, biscotti are often known as those hard cookies you dunk in your coffee.

A classic biscotti is made with flour, salt, whole blanched almonds, baking powder, vanilla extract, sugar, eggs and almond extract. A dough is made, then cut into logs. These logs are baked twice, giving the cookies their distinct dry crunch. Overall, it’s a simple recipe that’s easy to make at home. If you want to be transported to Italy (but maybe you’re not the most skilled baker), this is a great dessert to buy from a bakery or store.

The most popular way to eat biscotti is with coffee drinks, like cappuccinos (via Flora Foods). But some would say it’s equally, if not more, traditional to have a biscotti with foods like wine, especially Vin Santo, Marsala, or milk.

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